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PROGRAM — Charter School

As a parent I think it’s important to have all four years of high school be at the same school, for stability and memories. When my oldest was about to start his HS career COVID happened. We all know how much of a joke online school was. Working full time, I was not effective at being a learning coach. So, by the third year of broken promises and failing grades we needed to make a change. That’s when we toured a school we really enjoyed because it was both junior and high school. But my daughter noticed they didn’t have student government. So, she decided to attend another school to be close to a friend. She is doing well as student body president there.

As a family we often attend a class to learn more about the Constitution. That is where I first heard about Heritage Academy. Then when I found out that the school we toured was bought by Heritage Academy and that this will be the first year for its new location. I knew we had found a good fit for our family.

I love that Heritage schools celebrate the Constitution for a week of school spirit, enjoying the freedoms we have in America. Not only do I like the red, white, and blue love for America theme at Heritage, but as a parent I am happy they will not let my son just skate by with the grades he got while in online school.

Heritage is making him retake his Ds and Fs to pull up his GPA. He went from one-point-something to 3.4 GPA. Turns out he’s a great kid. Because of the makeup work he has to do, my son has classes with all grade levels. He feels like he belongs and is learning so much from his teachers. I am proud that his grades have improved so much. I love this school so much that I am a committed member on the PTO board. I know my daughter will be here for her 4-year high school career.

I have always had my kids in a charter school and not regular public school. It’s not the same as when I was growing up. I knew I wanted something with smaller class sizes. When my oldest started kindergarten I found a Montessori school which was different, but I didn’t like how they let him write a lower case “a” with a circle and a line. I mean, he came to the same result, but his technique was sloppy. Then later in math his columns didn’t line up well and my son seemed to struggle throughout his schooling years. One year my kids went to regular public school, but my son didn’t learn much because class was very chaotic. I’ve always seemed to gravitate towards charter schools because they are free like public schools but have a smaller, close like a family type atmosphere. It’s much safer and usually has less bullying too.


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