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As my family was escaping war in South Sudan, we settled in Egypt for a short while where I was born in September of 2003. Four months later my family received our papers to enter the United States. 

Immediately my parents both started work, dad working at Mutual of Omaha and mom working at Hilton hotel. Both parents worked extremely hard every day to send us to private school. They made a schedule to where one parent was with us at all times. 

“All Saints Catholic School changed my life in so many ways.”

While I was starting school, I became very ill and was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia which caused a lot of school absences. Fortunately for me, my second family at All Saints Catholic School understood my situation and gave me tremendous support through my fight. 

All Saints Catholic School changed my life in so many ways. They gave me the opportunity to be myself and not change for anyone. All Saints was a family, my family. 

Going into my fifth grade year, my sister passed away from cancer. When I walked out of the room the day of her passing, waiting for me outside the room were All Saints teachers. My teachers were always there when I need a shoulder to cry on or a time of silence. 

I am who I am today because of the great support and encouragement I received from All Saints. Now as a junior at Gross Catholic, I am beyond thankful to be at a private school where I can express my faith and grow in a small community. 

School choice can help so many families just like mine to choose a school where they are welcomed and where they belong. Parents shouldn’t think twice about financial barriers when sending their child to a private school, they should think about the importance of education. I am so blessed that my parents put my education first.


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