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PROGRAM — Tax Credit Scholarship

From the first day of fifth grade, I was gifted with an opportunity to use a scholarship to access the school of my choice. I did not know what this meant at first, but over time I grew to understand what this scholarship meant for me and my future. I was not like many other middle school students who would have to pay for their private school education or attend public school. I had a chance to learn without financial barriers and between fifth grade and high school, I have taken this gift and used it to the best of my ability.

The scholarship allowed me to travel and help others on mission trips, meet with mayors and organization leaders, and even learn at a level where I could improve immensely. I chose a private school because I had access to a better learning style and I did not have to worry about the cost. This has allowed me to learn about opportunities that can help me in the future and has shaped me into a well-rounded person.

Without the scholarship I have received I would not be the woman I am, today, and for that I am grateful.


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