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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

I have two grandsons; Drake is in the 5th grade and Trent is in 2nd grade. They are both doing exceptionally well in private school. Trent has only ever been in private school and Drake was in public school for kindergarten. Their entire educational career has been at their private school. The school is really nurturing, and they both have excelled, both spiritually and academically. They both have been on the principal’s honor roll. The school is has a loving environment and family-oriented. 

I used to be a teacher for 15 years, but I’m retired now. I tried to incorporate a lot of the loving environment in my classroom, but it’s even more prevalent here at this private school. The teachers, the staff and the kids love it and enjoy it. I’m so happy and proud of my grandsons.

If it were not for the Opportunity Scholarship program, it would be difficult to have my grandkids attending private school. I want to encourage the Governor and the donors to continue the scholarships because it is helpful for parents in the entire state of Nevada. Come to one of the schools and see how the kids are excelling. 

School choice in America is an excellent opportunity and more parents need to look into it. More scholarship programs should be available so the kids can prosper and grow. I believe some public schools stifle growth, and at this private school, they really promote it. I wish school choice was more available and parents knew more about it. Really, that is what is most important.


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