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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

My name is Emily Morales. I have five kids and I’m a widow. I have three kids that currently go to Mountain View Christian School; one in 9th grade, one in 5th grade, and one in 1st grade. My oldest child graduated from MVCS and my youngest is in daycare.

We have been blessed to receive the Opportunity Scholarship for the past three years. We are very thankful to have that in our lives because without it, I wouldn’t be able to send my kids to the school of our choice. All my kids have the scholarship and it’s so important. If I didn’t have the scholarship, my kids would not have been able to attend their private school.

We love Mountain View Christian School. I’m Christian so to have a school that embraces those values, it is just amazing. The school is saturated with learning. I trust all the teachers that my kids are interacting and are involved with. Some of the teachers I go to church with, so that was a big thing for me when I was choosing schools for my kids. I also love that it’s like a family. Each year when I have to make the decision of where I want to send my kids, because of the trauma that our family has gone through, if they go to another school, it’s like ripping another family apart. 

It’s so important for families to have options for school because each child is different. My youngest son has to be guided differently so to be able to make a choice as a parent to send my child to a school that I feel comfortable with, it just makes me raising them more comfortable, because I’m not dealing with things that are unnecessary. Each one of my children are different. My youngest is not the “cookie-cutter” mold. He’s just not. And the way I see it, God didn’t make him that way. But I’m able to make the decision about making sure he’s not involved with anything that could affect his learning, like bullying. 


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