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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

I’m truly blessed to have my five children in a private school, all thanks to the scholarships they receive through AAA.

Three years ago, my children were in a public school. My oldest back then was a fifth-grader and she was terrified to attend middle school. The school she was zoned for is well known for bullying. I tried to get her to a magnet school and nothing happened. The first days as a sixth-grader she was nervous, afraid, and at times she didn’t want to leave the house. As a mother, I constantly worried about her well being. I felt tied down.

Then, my second child was a third-grader at the time and she was falling behind in reading and writing. Her teacher changed multiple times and I felt neither taught the students anything! I went to the school office asking for help for my child and got nothing. On top of that, my daughter was sad and didn’t ask for help during class because she didn’t want to get embarrassed in front of the whole class. If she didn’t understand something, she’d rather stay quiet than to ask for help because her class made fun of her and the teacher never did anything about it.

That’s when I had enough and I prayed to God to guide me, and one day at church, I heard the announcement of scholarships and I filled out the paperwork the next day.

Now my five children go to a Catholic school. My oldest is ready for high school, and she just loves her school and her new friends. They have respect for each other and there is no bullying! Everyone knows everyone, the teachers, the students, and staff, all are respectful.

My second daughter got held back a year but that was fine, it was not her fault, and she doing so much better now. She’s reading and writing, asking questions all the time, and even helping her classmates! She will be a sixth grader in August.

I’m just so happy with the education my children receive. They will have a better future and will be good people to this world. My oldest got accepted into a private high school as well! From the bottom of my heart, I just want to thank all the donors that make all this possible for my children to attend their schools.

Every single person behind all this, thank you! It’s nice not having to worry about how your child is doing in school. May God bless you all and double your blessing always.


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