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PROGRAM — Charter School

Why did you become an educator? 

I became a teacher because I couldn’t imagine my life if I weren’t one. I love teaching students and enjoy every moment of it. I believe that there isn’t anything better than being part of a child’s life and knowing that you will be part of their future. I was born to be a teacher, it is as simple as that!

What do you love about your school? 

My school provides equal opportunities for every child to be as unique as they can be, allows them to learn at their own pace, and promotes loving to learn. We believe in empowering confident learners.

Why is it important that lower income children can attend schools of choice? 

I believe that every child deserves the same opportunity of learning, allowing the best possible route for success regardless of race, ethnicity, color, or sexuality. I believe in changing and transforming lives through education is the best blessing we teachers have.


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