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I transferred to St. Mary’s Academy in the middle of my sophomore year. I made the decision to transfer to St. Mary’s because I wanted to attend a college preparatory school. Being prepared for college is a big priority of mine. Now, I am the junior class president!

My mom supported my decision because she wanted my sisters and me to attend a school where the teachers and staff truly want the best for us. St. Mary’s has a student body that is comprised of a majority of black students. My mom made the decision to send us here because she knew that the school would be able to prepare, relate, and teach us about the struggles you face growing up to be a black woman in this world.

I love it here because I feel comfortable; it’s like being a part of a big community. All of the teachers and students here are so helpful. They really encourage you to be yourself and help you realize the potential your future holds. The academics here are also great. We have a lot of great afterschool programs and electives like our book club and world language club.

I feel that it is important that families have an opportunity to send their children to a great school. There are a lot of families who are struggling with paying tuition because they are not eligible for a scholarship. And then there are families who are struggling because their child is not able to go to a school that may be better for them. Scholarships help to ease these burdens.

I am still deciding what I want to do after I graduate. I love singing, drawing, and painting as my hobby. But for my career, I am stuck between becoming a lawyer or a psychiatrist. Thanks to all of the help I have received here, I am confident that I am prepared for college. The school is really great at preparing us for the ACT which potentially could lead to scholarships! My English teacher has been especially helpful in preparing me for college-level essays.


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