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My daughter was enrolled at Great Hearts charter school for a brief time in 2022. Even though it was a great school, it just wasn’t right for her. Unfortunately, the public schools in our area get very low ratings and don’t have the best reputation. So, we decided to apply for an ESA and use those funds to purchase materials for her to learn from home.

The ESA program has helped our family tremendously. As a former educator myself, and now a parent of three, I am able to use the program to stay at home and educate my kids one-on-one in a setting that better suits them and their needs, without worrying about questionable curriculum, bullying or other concerns a public school education brings.

School choice should be a given – for every family. The fact that it isn’t and that politicians want to decide where MY child goes to school, is mind boggling.

Just as we have the freedom to choose in all other aspects of life – we should also have the freedom to decide HOW and WHERE our own children are educated. This should be regardless of income, race, socio-economic status, etc. All children deserve the same opportunities. Families know their children best, not politicians, government officials or public school boards. Even if great programs like the ESA cease to exist, everyone should advocate for school choice.


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