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PROGRAM — Charter School

I became an educator because I love children. Also, my mother and my grandmother were teachers. I have a passion for helping people learn. It’s in my blood. I just love to see a child learn and advance into a good, young adult. It makes me feel good knowing that I had a little help in a child’s success.

KIPP Morial is a great school at which to be a teacher. I love my coworkers, and I especially love children. It’s so heartwarming to walk into the school and feel and receive all the love that the little ones have to give. It just makes my heart melt. When I’m sick and have to miss days, it doesn’t even seem right not being with my scholars. I miss them.

A child’s education should not be based on their parent’s pocket. I know I don’t approve of my kids having to be placed in a school because of my income. I want them to be able to choose whichever school they want to attend because if I make them go where they don’t want to go they’re not going to do their best.

I love my school. I wouldn’t choose any other school to work for.


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