PROGRAM — Charter School

We have often found the charter schools are a better fit for my children. I like that they have smaller class sizes, better teacher to student ratios, less frazzled teachers, and other things. Both of my children have gotten an education that is a little bit finer tuned to their needs and learning style.

That said, my older son ended up going to a public high school because he chose to go there because he wanted to be in their marching band. That was a choice as well. My younger child is still in a charter art school. We chose that school specifically because it is close to our house but provides all of the art curricula that my child wants.

In my opinion, the entire purpose of schools is to teach children how to learn and to love learning. That is impossible to do when you have overcrowded schools, when they teach to the lowest common denominator, or, when there’s a one size fits all philosophy.

I know that every teacher starts out wanting to do the right thing for the kids and I know they still do, however, the way the system is currently set up we really are setting up the teachers to fail. That also sets up all of our children to fail.


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