PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

My name is Keyla Aguilar and I have lived in Las Vegas my whole life. I was raised by a single mother alongside my grandparents. I have one younger sister on my mom’s side and many more on my birth father’s side. I have attended MUCS since pre-school and now I am a senior.

I have been at MUCS my whole life and I have loved every second of it. My family kept me at this school because we love the education we receive and the people. I appreciate how much my family does to keep me here because we’ve never really had the money to afford tuition.

MUCS has turned into more of a second home than a school. Being here all these years has helped me build strong connections with others. It is different than most schools because of the amount of love in the environment. At most schools teachers care less and some don’t even know your name. But at my school everyone knows who you are and they help you in anything and everything that they can.

For example, Mrs. Donna has always taken care of me when I’m sick and is always there to make me feel better. Mrs. Nellis is always finding a way to make sure that not having money doesn’t stop me from doing anything. Miss Glover has always been there to help me through any personal issues I am going through. Mr. Lebouf won’t let me give up; he pushes me and makes sure I’m not beating myself up.

Last but not least, all of my coaches have helped me so much every day. Coach Mix has taught me that when I’m scared or anxious, I just need to take a breath and pray. Coach Tiffany has shown me what it is to be a good leader. Coach Glover and Brooks have always pushed me to achieve things and do things I never thought I could do and has been somewhat of a “school dad”, talking to me and giving me advice on anything he can.

These people are the reason I love my school. This school cares and has helped me get through some of the darkest and most depressing moments in my life. It breaks my heart that this is my last year. While I’m excited to go to college, I’m not looking forward to leaving my family, the people that constantly encourage, help me, and bring joy to my heart. This school does not let you give up on yourself.

I am here on a scholarship because my family does not have the money to pay tuition alone. Without the scholarship, my attendance would not be possible. It’s tragic that some people had to leave for lack of money. I think families should be able to choose where their child goes, despite their money situation, just as my family did.

This generation is the future of America. We are the next doctors, mayors, teachers, and so much more. The future of a child should not be determined based on something beyond their control. Unless you have never had money or the same opportunity as others, you will never understand how important being able to attend the school of choice is for a family or student. I can confidently say I love my school.


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