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PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship Program

I chose to attend La Progresiva Presbyterian School in Miami, Florida because I knew the environment, and I knew that others attending school would be like family to me. This school showed me what a safe and well-being environment was. La Progresiva taught me more than just academics. It taught life values to live by, such as being kind to others, spreading the word of the Lord, and being there when someone is in need. Adding these on top of a good education has made me a better person.

I feel like La Progresiva was different than any other school, because it showed character in the sense that not many schools guided students into the word of the Lord. It was a very small school that allowed me to be friends with everyone that attended. It also offered a safe environment to learn.  Being in a safe environment is something everyone should have. With things right now, being in an unstable, non-loving school can lead a child to failure. I also learned the importance of being there when someone is in need because I had so many people looking out for me whenever I needed something. My friends, teachers and staff members helped to guide be in a good direction and got me where I am today.

A private school is without the doubt the best option one can give to their children. Not only will the child love it as much as I did, but they will be safe to be who they want to be and be guided through the right path. I wish everyone had the opportunity I did, to be able to go to a private school.


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