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My name is Ugochi Ufomaduh. I am a sophomore in high school, and I attend Saint Vincent Ferrer School in New York. I received a scholarship from The Children’s Scholarship Fund to attend my elementary/middle school, Mount Carmel Holy Rosary School. This scholarship made things for my family and I easier, and it gave me a chance at a better education. At the time my mother was handling five school fees by herself, which was very difficult. I am very grateful for the scholarship which encouraged me to work hard, do well in school, and push for greater things in the future.

My mother chose Mount Carmel Holy Rosary School because she knew this was the school for me. The student body is very united, the staff and teachers are very loving and welcoming, and everyone inside is treated like family. These are all very important because I feel these factors are what keeps a student in the school and what attaches a student to a school. It has been two years since I graduated from Mount Carmel Holy Rosary School, and I still visit my old teachers, staff, and students.

I feel that all families should have a choice to send their children to private school because putting your children in private schools can benefit them in many ways. Private schools help students with development and maturity. The environment is safe for learning and growing and they offer unique extracurricular activities. Attending Mount Carmel Holy Rosary School has changed me into a person I thought I would never see in my high school years.


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