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PROGRAM — EdChoice Scholarship

I was fortunate enough to attend a private school for all of middle and high school. This would not have been possible without the Edchoice Scholarship.

Before changing schools, I was constantly made fun of because of my faith. This was a very pivotal time for my personal development, not just for my education, but for my faith as well. They both struggled during this time due to the space I was in. Everyone else saw school as something that was exciting. I only went because I was forced to go.

Although I didn’t always take my academics as seriously as I should have, the education I received at my new school was tailored to my learning needs and I was in a place I could truly succeed. The smaller classrooms and individualized learning environment was exactly what I needed to help me grow and learn.

“I’m so thankful for the scholarship I received because without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

The teachers and staff at my new school were very patient and were willing to help in ways that public school couldn’t. If my teachers saw my grades slip, they would reach out to make sure I had everything I needed to perform better and bring my grades up.

Private school helped me grow not only academically, but it set the foundation for my adulthood, helping to groom me spiritually and morally. The values of my school aligned with what my parents wanted to instill in me, so my knowledge grew as well as my integrity and character.

I’m so thankful for the scholarship I received because without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am a firm believer in spreading the wealth and helping other children who are in a similar situation I was in and I pray my story is able to do just that.


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