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PROGRAM — Tuition Donation Credit Program

Introduction by Jacob’s mom, Tiffany.

Choosing a school for Jacob was important to us because I was noticing he was no longer enjoying school. It was becoming increasingly harder for him to keep up with studies. His attitude completely changed compared to what I knew. 

So, I had to find a different atmosphere that worked for him. Thankfully, the scholarship helped me place him at a school he feels comfortable at and he is excelling at his new school. 

“Because of his new school, Jacob is more social, and an all-around happier kid.”

Jacob’s attitude towards school has changed tremendously for the better. He is eager to go, instead of it being a chore he has to do. He is up and ready each morning before I am! 

Because of his new school, Jacob is more social, and an all-around happier kid. I will let him explain the differences he has experienced attending Archbishop Rummel High School.

By Jacob:

Rummel has changed me by allowing me to feel welcome and not feel different than everyone else. At my old school, people would pick on you just because of how you look or how you act. At Rummel, people do not make fun of me, and it makes me feel more welcome than I did at my old school. 

Rummel has more after school clubs than my old school. Those that were at my old school were mostly academic, and the others did not really interest me that much. 

One good thing is what is called AC session. There, I can do homework and I do not need to worry about coming home to a lot of homework. My old school would pile homework on us and expect us to be ready for the next day wide awake. Now I can get some of it done before I have to go home, thanks to the AC session.


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