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PROGRAM — Charter School

By J’Myree’s Mom, Jessika.

My daughter, J’Myree, is 11 years old, and she loves music and dance. She is always eager to try new things, especially new foods and English is her favorite subject in school.

I chose for J’Myree to attend KIPP Morial because it is close to the house, so even without a car, it’s easily accessible. Their academic grading was average, but they take a lot of time with the kids. The teachers and administrators are always available to answer questions. The teachers work closely with me to make sure J’Myree didn’t fall behind and that all classwork was up to date. During the pandemic, the teachers kept in close contact to ensure we had what was needed to complete assignments.

In my opinion money should not determine what kind of education is offered to our children. I think parents should always have the option to choose who and where their child receives their education to make them successful in the future.


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