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PROGRAM — Charter School

By Dallas’s Mom:

My son, Dallas, is a 14 year old student. He is the only male in his home. He shows leadership skills and is a positive role model for his four sisters. Dallas excels academically and in athletics. He was a runner up for 8th grade valedictorian. He was the lead drum major and the defensive football MVP player. Dallas was heartbroken because he did not have the opportunity to perform as drum major at his 8th grade promotion.

Currently, Dallas runs track with his charter school coach to keep in shape and interact with peers over the summer. He will compete in a track meet in early July. Dallas was also selected to serve as a member of the Superintendent Student Advisory Board for the city of New Orleans!

Dallas enjoyed his school, Paul Habans Charter School. He attended his school for eight years. The school educates students from Pre-K to 8th grade. Dallas enjoyed attending school with his four siblings. Attending a school in close proximity to our home was convenient regarding transportation to and from extracurricular activities, parent teacher conferences, performances, and sporting events.

It is important for students to choose their school because attending a nurturing school can positivity impact a child for life. Positive school climates that promote community, perseverance, excellence, and courage teach children core life values as well as academics.

CHOICE really does matter! My son is embarking on a new journey; he has been promoted to high school. Dallas thought really hard regarding choosing a high school. He wanted to attend a high school with a band, football team, and academic excellence.  I really wanted my son to be placed in a A or B rated school because he has excelled academically all his life and an 8th grade valedictorian runner up. Choice does matter! My son deserves to be in a nurturing high school where he can continue to be a leader and excel academically! A rigorous, safe, and positive school climate is very important.


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