It is very important for the next generation to be established with moral and family values, the way God designed them to be. The family nucleus at home is the first source of values, but school is another major factor in good teaching. Home and school must form a two-fold force that drives kids into their future.

That is why I, as a parent, needed to find a good Christian school and get my kids there, where they can feel protected and encouraged as they are at home. Now my kids are very happy, and that makes me even happier. The school offers many programs for their development, and every teacher is very respectful. My children’s teachers really have the passion for teaching kids. I am very thankful for the Education Savings Account program for helping me make this happen!

Family is the basis of society. The school you choose must be in compliance with good and correct moral values that will edify your children and not destroy them. Parents need to understand this: education is investment in your children’s future. School is very important in the edification of the next generation.


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