PROGRAM — Tax Credit Scholarship

My name is Estela Manzano-Partida and I am thirteen years old. I go to Mountain View Christian School and I am in seventh grade. Before I went to this school I had trouble at my old school, which was a public school. I had trouble learning multiplication and English. When I came to this school, I learned multiplication easier and faster. Now I want to be an author when I grow up! At my old school, it was difficult because it was a bigger school and the teachers didn’t have time to help an individual student with such a big class. At my new school, the teachers have time and when you have a problem I just go to their desk.

They would help me understand what I’m having trouble with. I also like this school because they don’t just have the regular classes such as math, science, English, computers, and more but they also have extra classes like karate and band. I go to band. I play the flute. I also play volleyball. I’m glad I came to this school.

Thanks to the scholarship, my parents were able to put me and my siblings in a private school. I hope that there are more opportunities for more children so that they may also go to the school that they choose.
I think all families should be able to choose the right school for their child because it would be unfair to have a school chosen for them. People should have a choice because some schools just aren’t for some people and they would be able to go to the right school if they had a choice.

If people go to the right school they can achieve great accomplishments in life. They might become the president, an astronaut, a scientist, a teacher, a doctor, or maybe even something else.


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