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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

I attend Family Worship Christian Academy as part of the Louisiana Scholarship ProgramI am an honor roll student in seventh grade

Coming to this school has made me more secure and welcome as part of the school. I have many friends here that appreciate me for who I amIn addition, the administrative staff is great with kids and understand our feelings and what we go through every dayComing to this school on a scholarship has made me realize I should be thankful to the state and them paying for me to attend a well-organized, private school. 

I have attended Family Worship Christian Academy since pre-K and the school has changed my life in many waysMost of all it has made me excel academically because the teachers give me lots of attention in the classroom For example, last year I did so well that I achieved the President’s Award signed by the President of the U.S and Secretary of Education. This was a great achievement.  

Most of all I want to thank the state for giving me the opportunity to attend Family Worship Christian Academy and helping me succeed to become a better person academically and physically. 


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