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PROGRAM — Tuition Donation Credit Program

By Jamila’s dad, Jeremy.

Jamila has been attending Family Worship Christian Academy since Pre-K. The Pre-K program was free through the NSECD program, and she received an excellent foundation from her teachers and other staff at the school. She had a great first experience at “Big Girl School” and was excited to go to kindergarten the next year.

Jamila wasn’t picked in the state lottery and I was beyond worried and anxious about how I was going to keep her in the private school sector if I had to pay out of pocket. As an educator in Louisiana, my pay doesn’t dictate a private school education for my daughter but I was going to do everything that I had to in order for her to continue getting the education that I wanted her to have.

When I thought everything was bleak and there was no hope for Jamila to continue her education at FWCA, ACE Scholarship came in and saved the day! The scholarship made tuition more affordable and manageable for me to pay in order for her to have an excellent education. 

Jamila started her 3rd grade year at FWCA on August 12th thanks to her ACE Scholarship being renewed. She has been on the honor roll since she started school as a Pre-K student. She has made lasting friendships from her Pre-K year up until now.

Being in a private school setting the class size is small which affords her the opportunity to get one-on-one help if she ever needs it. Attending a private Christian school has also grown her relationship with God and she is learning God’s word every day. I am thankful for the opportunities that the ACE Scholarship has afforded my daughter and family. 


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