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By Haylee’s mom, April Garcia

My daughter was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend both the public school and a parochial school of my choice. She started in a public school with a student-teacher ratio of 24 to 1. While this is manageable in most classrooms, I realized that some of my daughter’s needs were not being met and that the teacher’s available time was not allowing her to flourish. She needs — and she deserves — a better opportunity to learn.

When my daughter was able to transfer to Christ Lincoln schools, she was in a class of 12 students, allowing her to excel in areas where improvement was much needed. As a first grader, Haylee can count money, do timed math, read level three books, and think outside the box to solve problems. She has learned about cooking, sign language, Spanish, and is currently learning sewing in her Explore It class.

Haylee and her mom, April

I love my daughter and would do anything in the world for her, including working two or three jobs to ensure that she receives the best education and opportunity to learn and to flourish. I was graced with a scholarship from the church and school supporters to help me afford this wonderful education. It’s a great feeling to know that I don’t have to spend additional time away from my daughter at extra jobs, and I’m pleased because Christ Lincoln is not only a school but they’ve become a family to me.

She has changed from being a shy and uncertain introvert to a positive, involved extrovert.”


At Christ Lincoln every teacher is loving and kind and spiritually guiding my daughter to be the best that she can be. And I know my daughter is safe. When I have concerns, they are addressed immediately. My daughter’s learning has blossomed since being at Christ Lincoln schools. Her social skills are slowly being defined, but in the last year and a half she has changed from being a shy and uncertain introvert to a positive, involved extrovert.

I know this is an opportunity that a lot of families and kids do not get to experience but should. And it’s unfortunate that more families do not have the ability and opportunity to place their child in a school of their choosing purely due to financial burdens. All families should be able to pursue schools that fits their children’s needs regardless of the income.


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