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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

By Mom, Alicia:

Without the Nevada Opportunity Scholarship, my children could not attend their school and I would have to send them back to public school. But because of the scholarship I can put them in a school of my choice.

My biggest concern has been my children’s safety. The difference that I noticed when my children moved to private school is that they feel safe. They are safe in the school that they attend now. I am also calm because I’m no longer worrying that something is going to happen to them.

In fact, just the other day, the school called me to say my son had fallen down on the playground. Twice he has fallen and they have immediately called me, to tell me what happened and to tell me he was okay. They asked, “Do you want to come pick him up? If he’s staying at school, do you want to talk to him?” They they connected me and I talked to him.

For me, their school is like a big family. They’re part of my family. It’s calm and the kids feel safe. At school, it’s like their home.

The Opportunity Scholarship helped me to choose a school that can help make sure my children do not fall behind. I saw how a member of my family fell a bit behind because he was an ESL student. Although, in our house, we speak Spanish, he is capable of learning English. I don’t want my children to be held back because of the language barrier. My hope is that lawmakers protect programs like the one our family uses because there are too many children in need of this support.


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