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PROGRAM — Charter School

By Franklin’s Mom, Megan:

Franklin is a loving, smart, kind and creative boy. He’s always kind to others and loves telling jokes. He also has a sensitive side that shows at times.

We chose Bricolage Academy because the teachers seemed happy and because the parents we knew with kids there were happy with the school, too. Also, the staff at the school are very well organized! The student body, leadership, faculty and staff are all diverse. Everyone at Bricolage is kind, from morning until afternoon in every part of the school. Bricolage also sends communication often, and I can count on one hand the times I’ve been confused by anything. It’s a well-oiled machine at the school and everyone works to help others.

It is important for parents to choose the school for their child because everything isn’t for everyone. I knew Franklin needed a loving environment more than anything else. Other kids might need lots of structure. Some benefit from foreign language immersion. It feels good to find a perfect fit for Franklin where he can excel.


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