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I wanted to make a difference in children’s lives. I wanted to help them value education and be excited about knowledge. I wanted them to know their potential for their futures. The Lord led me to this path, and it has been the best decision I have ever made.

I love that the staff at Family Worship Christian Academy is fully committed to the students they serve. I also love how much of a community the staff is. It makes a huge difference to the students when they can witness a team working together. Being able to teach students the curriculum as well as life skills is important, and it is important to lead by example. Family Worship does that.

There are so many great opportunities that certain children would miss out on if income was a barrier. Allowing students access to a school based on how it can meet their educational needs is most important. Allowing parents to choose a school because it gives the best outlook for their child’s learning and future progress is priceless.


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