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PROGRAM — Tuition Donation Credit Program

Evan’s dad, Sean. 

 My son Evan has blossomed in his three years at Bethany Christian School. He is in the fourth grade now.

 Evan loves BCS because of the relationships he has with his peers and teachers. We are very pleased with his academic progress. He has been at the top of his class every year. He has developed a love for reading and he loves numbers and math.

But more than academics, we are very pleased with his spiritual progress. Evan loves Church and is developing a consistent quiet time with the Lord. He especially loves Christian music and has it on most of the time in his room. 

Evan is a leader at school in modeling behavior and academics. All of this would not be possible without Arete Scholars.

School choice is important to our family because we very much wanted a Christian environment and lacked the finances to afford it.


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