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PROGRAM — Tuition Donation Credit Program

By Jason’s mom, Lilly.

Jalon has come from a long way. His biological mother was drug-addicted and he was left on the street. I adopted Jalon when he was not quite two years old. 

Jalon had a hard time just trying to understand how things work. Some time passed before we knew about organizations like Bridge Ministry. My husband and I started working with Jalon through Bridge Ministry.

Public school was very hard for Jalon. Then my husband and I enrolled Jalon at the Church Academy. That was one of the best decisions that we could have made for Jalon. 

“He is a bright shining star.”

Jalon was working below his grade level, but when he started to attend the Church Academy Lafayette Louisiana, he began reading and understanding on a 6th grade level. 

Jalon has also become more confident, very excited about learning, and has learned how to control his impulsiveness. He is a bright shining star. He has grown to understand things in ways that we never imagined for him. 

The Church Academy was one of our greatest achievements thus far. Arete Scholarship has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives. When it comes to Jalon’s education, we are very happy that such a thing exists.


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