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PROGRAM — Charter School

I love my charter school! Before, I really didn’t know what the difference in schools was until I started high school. I have a lot of friends that go to public school and I definitely like my school more. I get more opportunities to take advanced classes because it’s an IB school. I get a lot more college opportunities and I get more one on one time with my teachers. I love all my friends and I know everyone at the school. I get to be friends with the seniors and everyone is friends with each other.

My mom says that it’s really a good thing for us that she had the option to send us to a charter school because otherwise she would have had to pay for private school. I’m glad she had the choice. She’s glad she has the choice to work with my teachers so she can help me. She’s glad that we have so many opportunities to join clubs, take school trips and play volleyball. She’s glad the class size is small. I like that too.


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