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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

By Ema’s mom, Jamie:

Ema is a very active six year old girl who loves ballet, cheerleading and soccer. She is going in to first grade in the fall and has attended Claiborne Christian School in West Monroe, Louisiana since pre-K4.

We love Claiborne Christian School, the staff and the environment. I registered her for K4 there in early spring of 2018. In the summer of that year I was offered a job at the school working in the cafeteria. I immediately fell in love with the environment, and I knew that is where I wanted her to go for the remainder of her schooling. We applied for the scholarship, prayed and waited. When I received the email stating we were accepted I broke down in tears thanking God for this opportunity!!

The scholarship took the stress of having to worry about my child’s education away. I know that she is in an amazing Godly environment with an advanced degree of learning. CCC incorporates Jesus into every lesson, even math. The quality of the teaching at the school is above and beyond. I have a niece who is in the same grade as my daughter, but she attends a highly ranked public school.  Ema is already learning more than my niece, and I appreciate that advanced learning. Third, the staff is amazing. They are all so loving and kind, and you can see the Lord’s light shining from each and everyone of them!

On one hand, I feel that more children should get the opportunity to receive a scholarship, but on the other hand I worry that if there were more children in our school the level of excellency may lack. The scholarship for parents to choose the school that is right for their student would be helpful to more students. When I applied for the Louisiana Scholarship Program, I put both of the Christian schools in our town as options. I was over the moon to know Ema got in to our first choice school, Claiborne Christian.

If you’re looking for an amazing Godly school who loves children and loves teaching them about God, then apply at our Claiborne Christian School! We would love to have you!


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