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PROGRAM — Arete Scholars

My name is J’Rashad, and I am in the 3rd grade at Crescent City Christian School in Metaire, Louisiana. I am a kid who loves to run very fast.   I was born to run; this is a gift from God. I am very handsome, and my mom always tells me that I’m her joy kid. I am just a cool dude.

I asked my mom to send me to a school to help me never forget about God. My mom said you have to remember God in your heart which I do, but sometimes I am so busy playing that I am scared I will fall asleep and forget. At Crescent City Christian School I hear about God first thing in the morning and throughout the day.  When I get to school, we eat breakfast, play games that teach about God and go to church everyday.  I love going to church because I learn about God, and I love God. I trust him when I feel sad and when I need help.  He is always there to  help me. Sometimes he takes long to help, but I always get answers right in class when I ask God for help.  I take a long time to learn sometimes, but my teachers always help me after school.

I love my teachers. Some of them are fussy, but I am sometimes annoying, too. They still love me and help me, anyway.  I think I am very smart in math, and I can do better in reading.  I am great at drawing.  The principal is nice too.  He doesn’t whip kids like at the school my mom went to. He is is very nice, but he does not play with bad kids.

I think if kids believe in God and they want to learn, they should get to go to a good school like me where we learn about God and all subjects.  Kids should be kind to their friends and parents and listen to the teachers.  I wanted to attend a school where I could learn about God and my dad got me a scholarship to go to a private school.


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