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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

By Kylie’s mom, Angelle:

Kylie is a loving, bright, typical six year old. She was shy and timid when it came to learning. I was so afraid that being at a large community school would overwhelm her. I wanted a small, comfortable environment for her. That’s exactly what I got at Lifechurch Academy in our community!

Kylie made friends easily. Her teachers have been awesome. They are so personal and tailor teaching to the child’s individual needs. The small class size is a great benefit. Only one class in each grade means everyone knows and looks out for each other. Caring, professional staff and teachers is another benefit. All of these reasons make this school feel like family to us! Having a scholarship from the Louisiana Scholarship Program to this school has been such a blessing. We could have never afforded to send her there.

All families should be allowed to send their child to the school that they feel best suits that child. Money should not play a role. This was a great privilege afforded to us.

Being able to choose the school she goes to allows us to ponder and search out what we feel is in her best interest. We feel like better parents for being able to select the right school.  I would tell parents to do your research – visit and think about what your child’s needs are – a community school might suit your student or they may need to go to a different school – explore your opinions for their sake.


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