I cry myself to sleep in frustration and the lack of help from district schools. I had to see my son’s little eyes full of tears because he would say, “Mom, I am trying my best, but I don’t understand what they are teaching.”

From this, my search for a better way began, and I was determined not to fail my son as the public school had. My only choice was a private school, but my challenge was the cost. Once again, I hit a wall; no matter how I planned or tried to get another job, it would not be enough. It broke my heart, but then I heard about a new program that would be passed in our state.

The opportunity scholarship given to my son was an answered prayer for many years of frustration. My son struggled with their teaching methods and material being taught; no matter how many days after school he would stay for tutoring, the same method was taught. This process would happen every year and never improved. This lowered his self-esteem and made it hard for him to socialize.

The Opportunity Scholarship wiped out all the years of frustration and my feeling of hopelessness with my son’s education. It gave me hope, and once my son started attending MVCS, his teacher, Mrs. Ashley, got my son caught up in six months!

I started noticing how he was more confident and happier, building friendships that he has today. Today he is at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, and has become the first generation of our family to go to college. What did this Opportunity scholarship do for us? I would say it changed the course of the future for our family and our new generation.

Every child should have the right and opportunity for high education and to be in an environment that will enable them to grow and feed their education needs. Parents are the first advocates and know what their kids need, and they should be able to choose the best school that provides for their child’s educational needs.


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