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PROGRAM — Georgia Scholarship Tax Credit Program

I’m in the 8th grade and I’m 14 years old. I go to school at Bright Futures Academy. I was in an after-school program where I found out about this school. At public school, they just pass you on. This school cares about you and they help you pass on to the next grade, and make sure you know the material. This school teaches you more than public school does.

Before this school, I went to my neighborhood public school. At my other school, the teachers were more worried about the students, rather than teaching the class. Sometimes the teacher would give us work to do but wouldn’t teach it to us. He would put notes on the board and tell us to learn from the notes. He would stay on the computer, but not actually teach. Here, the teachers explain it to us, tell us how to do it, and then give us the worksheet once we understand it.

My parents knew it was a better opportunity for me to attend Bright Futures, to be brighter and learn more. I feel that I’m learning more here than at my other school.

I like the field trips at my school. They are way better here. Other school we would go to the zoo, which is fun, but very cliché. At this school, we do unique field trips like the beach, go to Virginia, camping, things you wouldn’t be able to do in the public school.

It’s important for families to have choices because some schools you have to pay for them and would be expensive for you to go to that school and sometimes kids might not like the school that they are at, so they would want to choose what school they want to go to. They are saying they’re not learning what they’re supposed to be learning, and maybe a friend at another school is learning something higher and they’re in the same grade, then that kid might want to go there. You can’t force someone to go to one school, they should have a choice also.

I would tell a lawmaker that students should have a choice where they want to go, instead of being stuck in one place. They should be able to go out and attend a school of their choice.


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