PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship Program

As a a single mother and employee of CCSD, the scholarship my children received is very important. The education they have received in the last three years in a private school can not compare to the previous years when they attended in a public school. Small class size helped my son reach closer to being at grade level.

The faith and love they teach to each student at the school is also amazing. My children are not just a “student number”, they are growing and learning. They are living examples that every penny of their scholarship is worth it. Since having this wonderful opportunity, I have spread the word about the scholarships and the positive outcomes it provides.

My children are great examples and proudly represent their school. By doing so, a friend of ours took notice. Her son now attends a private school along with my son with help from the scholarship.

The scholarship brings hope to families who could only dream of one day having their child attend private school. I’m truly thankful to have heard about this from a friend myself. It brings a smile to my face every morning as I drop my sons off at school.


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