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PROGRAM — Public School

I chose to go to K12 (my virtual school), because a lot of other online curriculums were fast paced and I needed something less hurried. I like this online program a lot; the teachers take their time to slow down and actually make sure you understand the material before moving on. The entire process is very easy to understand.

Ever since I enrolled I’ve had better grades. I have also been doing higher-level class work and we’re adding more and more each day. I’ve never been to a school where they actually take the time to make sure you understand before moving on.

Everything now revolves around technology and online resources, especially in online schools. There were a lot of good things I couldn’t get into before. Now that I am in this program the teachers help me step-by-step; The teachers actually call me on my phone if I don’t understand how to do something.

“Every family should be able to choose whatever school they want their child to go to.”

Every child and every individual has a different learning style. Each person requires different things that they need to fit their issues or learning habits. When you can’t choose your school, you are forced into one specific way and not everybody can benefit from one way. We are all humans because we’re all different, and our education needs to be different too.

Income definitely should not matter because I don’t think that would be right to force people into schools based on income limitations. By dividing people based on their income you are creating an environment where more social issues would exist. Higher-income and lower-income families should have the same opportunities.


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