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PROGRAM — Tuition Donation Credit Program

My Derick’s grandmother, Debbie.

In 2009, my grandson, Derick Martin Jr., was in the first grade and attended public school.  His grades weren’t great, and the teacher complained about his behavior.

One day I heard about the Arete Scholarship program on the local news. I applied, and Derick was accepted. I was so happy, because I could not otherwise afford to send him to a private school.

I enrolled Derick in St. Leo the Great school for second grade. Sister Margaret Mary taught him. She was a wonderful and positive influence.

One day, Sister Margaret Mary told me Derick stares at the wall during lessons. He was tested following her suggestion to do so and he was diagnosed with mild ADHD.

Derick continued his education at St. Leo the Great on the Arete scholarship through the eighth grade. This program allowed my grandson to remain in Catholic school for high school as well.  He is now a junior at St. Augustine High School and is involved in community service and sports.

Thank you, Arete, for making this possible! As a very proud grandmother, I am sincerely grateful.



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