As I was going to public school as a kid, I struggled from first through fifth grade. The material and teachers at the public school I was attending were unable to help me, even when I asked for extra help. I went to tutoring as a kid, and my grades still didn’t improve. So my mom knew it was a school issue, not that I couldn’t learn or be taught. I was able to attend Mountain View Christian school through the tax-credit scholarship, my first private school. My grades improved within a month. Since then, I have loved going, and it has opened so many doors and opportunities for my family and me.

Families should have the right to send their children to whichever school fits them because every kid is different. Regardless of people’s background or income, these families shouldn’t be forced to send their kids to a school where their kids are struggling but have every resource available to them so they can help their child. From my personal story, my mom didn’t have any money near to what these private schools were asking for, but because of this scholarship, it changed my life and set me on the right path. Every kid should have that opportunity to flourish and do great things in life, be whoever they want to be.


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