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I struggled in a public district school. I was constantly bullied, and the administration wouldn’t do anything about it. Our class size was too large, and I didn’t get the help I needed to understand our material. I switched schools multiple times, but it seemed like no matter where I went, the same problems followed me.

By the time I was in my freshman year of high school, I had already been to a traditional public school and two different charter schools. My parents had even tried to homeschool me, and although bullying was no longer an issue, I was falling behind academically. My mom was determined to find something that worked, and she eventually found a scholarship that changed my life.

When my parents were awarded the STO (tuition tax credit), it enabled them to send me to a private school. Seton Catholic Preparatory was much better for me because it aligned with my family’s values, and I could get plenty of help when needed. The class sizes were significantly smaller, and they had the resources to help me in areas where I struggled. I appreciate my private school education very much, and it has driven me to continue to pursue higher education with those same values.

Every child deserves an education that is best suited for them. I was able to go to my school because of our state’s STO program, and so was my sister. On the other hand, my brother has been able to go to the school of my parent’s choice because he has an ESA. No matter where they live, every child should have the option to attend the best school for them, where they can thrive. When they find the best school, children can soar through their education.


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