A scholarship to attend a private school allowed me to explore career paths, meet new people, and try new activities that I would not have had by not choosing the school I wanted to attend. When choosing a school, my family and I wanted somewhere where I could still practice my faith and grow as a person outside of just a school curriculum. I wanted to meet a diverse range of people I didn’t live near and have programs and activities that weren’t offered at schools nearby. Without a scholarship, I would not have had the means to attend private school, which I view as one of the most critical aspects of my upbringing that shaped me into who I am today.

Education is one of the most critical opportunities a person has in life, through learning new skills and gaining knowledge about the world, others, and themselves. Education is a right, not a privilege, and families should be able to exercise that right for whatever school is suitable for their child and their needs. No external factors, including location or income, should hinder a child from getting an education that sets them up for success later in life.


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