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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Christian GuilbeauI am in the seventh grade at Family Worship Christian AcademyI just want to thank all of you for the scholarship program because FWCA is the perfect school. This school is a very good teaching schoolThe school has many things they teach that no other school teaches

I am also thankful for this school because I am comfortable and feel safeI also feel protected and wanted at Family Worship Christian Academy. 

This school also has some amazing teachers because they are helpfulThey also have a lot of programs that help students understand what is being done in classThe teachers are very good at helping students who need extra help because they want you to understand all of the workThe teachers never want anyone to not understand what is being taught

Over the years that I have attended FWCA I really like it because the work is challenging making me a smarter personTherefore, I really thank you for the scholarship program and the chances it gives me.  


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