PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

By Carlie’s mom, Kierra.

My daughter and I are tremendously grateful for the Louisiana Scholarship Program. As parents we are always nervous and excited for our kids first day of school. We want them to have a remarkable first-time experience, and I can honestly say my daughter did.

In 2016, my daughter started Pre-K at Family Worship Christian Academy. We had an amazing first year of school. My daughter was learning at a kindergarten level, learning bible verses, and making friends. She loved attending school there.   

After such a great experience at Family Worship Christian Academy, I applied for the Louisiana Scholarship Program. As a single parent I couldn’t afford to pay for her to attend school there. Unfortunately, my daughter was not awarded a scholarship. We were devastated. 

My daughter attended public school for two years. At the end of each school year I applied for the scholarship because my daughter was miserable while attending public school. It hurt me hearing my daughter complain about school as much as she did, and as a single parent I just could not afford to change her situation.   

“The excitement and relief I felt is still indescribable.”

In January of this year (2019), I applied for the Louisiana Scholarship and ACE scholarship for Kierra for second grade. One thing for sure, I was not giving up on getting my baby back into a school she loved.

In May of 2019 I received an email from the Louisiana Scholarship Program. I nervously opened it and began reading. I screamed so loudly, my daughter came running into the living room, asking what was wrong. I said, “Baby, you got the scholarship you are going back to Family Worship Christian Academy.”

The look on her face was priceless. She started jumping up and down screaming too! The excitement and relief I felt is still indescribable. Thank you, Louisiana Scholarship Program, we will always be thankful for this life changing opportunity you have awarded us with. 


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