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PROGRAM — Tuition Donation Credit Program

By Chloee’s mom, Jody.

Chloee has always been a very studious child. She loved to learn and was always yearning for something new. At the moment she was old enough, I registered her for public school. 

All the kids I knew at her age went to public school. I never gave it a second thought. She would come home eager to show me things that she made or did in school. I noticed that the things she was learning were mostly things she already knew. However, I was not worried because she was so joyful about her work. 

“School was becoming a place she no longer enjoyed.”

Chloee’s teachers would often tell me how bright she was and how she was helping other students in the class to learn different concepts. As time went, on that began to change. 

By the time Chloee made it to the first grade, she was getting extremely bored in school and doing homework was a despised chore in her eyes. School was becoming a place she no longer enjoyed.  

By the time Chloee was in the second grade, the school changed their program and separated classes based on knowledge level. Chloee was placed in the advanced class. However, this did not seem to help. I had researched several options for her and everything was out of our budget. 

Eventually, we found out about the Arete Scholarship and with a little paperwork, Chloee was approved. This allowed her to attend E-learning at no cost to us. This allowed her to move at her own pace. 

Since this opportunity I have seen Chloee’s joy of schoolwork return. She works at her own pace and is currently succeeding at taking two math courses in one year. She is also so happy here. 

I often catch Chloee doing extra schoolwork on weekends or in the evenings because she is enjoying it so much. Thanks to the Arete scholarship, Chloee is learning so much and is challenged at a level that fits her. We are so appreciative of this opportunity!


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