My name is Catalina I am a mother of four toddlers. Three of my children attend Academia Del Pueblo Charter School. I chose a charter school for my family because I have a kid with special needs. That’s the main reason I choose a charter school. My child has an IEP has Speech Delay, Attention Deficit, and has ADHD Diagnostic. The school offers him more time for his Occupational and Speech Therapy if he needs it. Also, he sees the school doctor once a week to help him with the emotional feelings he struggles with due to his ADHD.

Academia Charter School offers small classes which I love because they focus more on students. I find this to be better than the class sizes in a public school where there are often more than twenty students in a class and one teacher. My school teachers always communicate with me, that’s one thing I like. It’s very easy for my child to get the service he needs at school and I’m happy I didn’t have to wait weeks or even months to get the services. I don’t regret putting my children in a charter school, it’s the best decision I have made.

My children are very disciplined and very responsible on homework because teachers focus on the students and their needs. Academia Del Pueblo Charter School is affiliated with Friendly House, a non-profit organization that helps parents with ESL English Classes and other services such as food banks and scholarships. I have enjoyed this school and appreciate the things they do to help the students, especially my child with special needs.

“Especially for those children with special needs, there should be more options for parents to choose the right school for their children to attend.”

Education is an important concern in this country and should be the center of political discussion. Especially for those children with special needs, there should be more options for parents to choose the right school for their children to attend. In my opinion, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris should focus more on special needs kids and offer them a better school option no matter race, income, or legal status. I haven’t seen a lot of options for those students who need more help. School should be a free option for all students. There are good schools out there and parents need to go out there and see what school is the right fit for their children. Tons of private schools and charter schools with small classes offer more than what we can imagine. We need to choose the school that offers safety to our children and for us as parents. Education is free and we have the right to choose the best school for our children.


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