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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

By Caleb’s mom, Dequetta. 

My son, Caleb Thierry, was accepted in the Louisiana Scholarship Program at Family Worship Academy three years ago, and he is in the sixth grade this year.  The scholarship program gave Caleb an opportunity to learn in a smaller classroom setting and not in an oversized classroom with many children.  

Every child learns at different levels and has different capabilities. In the public school system, a child’s additional needs can be overlooked very quickly if the child is not grasping the lessons at a fast pace. This left Caleb feeling like he was not smart enough, and he was afraid to ask questions if he didn’t understand because his peers were catching on at a faster pace. This led to low test scores, low self-confidence and isolation.  

The scholarship program gave Caleb confidence that evolved in such a positive way. Due to the small classroom size, he doesn’t get lost amongst his classmates. The teachers at Family Worship Academy recognize if a child is having trouble and can give additional assistance where needed.  They don’t feel overwhelmed to meet deadlines. Also, the teachers challenge Caleb in areas where he is stronger so he doesn’t feel bored. 

I am grateful for the opportunity for the scholarship to Family Worship Christian Academy which has helped Caleb not fall between the cracks with any leaning problems and where he is motivated to push and excel in his learning.  


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