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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

By Brandon’s mom, Brandee.

My son began to attend a local Catholic school for pre-school when he was three years oldHe performed well there academically, and we loved that he was also learning about the Catholic religion and traditions. The school not only taught him his ABS’s and 123’s, he also learned that Jesus died to save us from our sins. 

However, it was a huge financial burden to send him to this school. Several family members were having to help us with money each month, which made us feel guilty for borrowing moneyThe bookkeeper in the school office knew of our financial situation and when Brandon entered kindergarten, she suggested we apply for an Arete ScholarshipWhen we found out Brandon received a scholarship, we were elated that he would be able to continue at his school 

“It has not only brightened our lives, but also their futures.”

It is truly a blessing that Brandon was able to stay at a school with smaller classes sizes because the teachers are able to easily identify that he needed some extra help on his reading and comprehension skills before his grades sufferedThis school has a program established with a local learning agency called A Kid’s Choice that comes to the school to work with the kids that need assistanceOur experience with our school has been so wonderful that of course when our daughter was old enough, we wanted her to also attend the same schoolWhen she entered kindergarten, she too was awarded an Arete Scholarship

Without the help from the Arete Scholarship, my kids would have to attend the public neighborhood schools, which are underfunded and overcrowdedThey also would not get any religious education as part of their daily schedule since most public school systems are pushing to take anything religious out of the schoolsTo say the Arete Scholarship has blessed our family just doesn’t seem sufficientWe will always be grateful that it allowed our children the opportunity to receive an education that we wouldn’t have been able to give them otherwiseIt has not only brightened our lives, but also their futures. 


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