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PROGRAM — ACE Scholarships

By Austin’s mom, Amber:

Austin is a very intelligent student. He has a strong desire to learn and soaks up information like a sponge. He is very conscientious, hard-working, friendly and down-to-earth. He loves sports and hopes to one day be in the NBA, but if that doesn’t work out for him, he says he wants to be a pharmacist.

I chose for Austin to attend St. Gregory because it is a great school. The faculty is amazing, and I love how they are with the students. At St. Gregory excellence starts from the top. The principal and other staff are great people who care about the children. I love how small the class sizes are because it allows students to get more individual attention and it creates a more focused learning environment. I love the overall environment at the school.

“It is truly a blessing to be able to send your child to a good school even though you can’t afford it.”

Receiving an ACE scholarship has made a huge difference in Austin and my family as a whole. I’ve seen a complete turn-around in his grades and academic ability and efforts. My family is very grateful and pleased with the progress he has made throughout the year.

I strongly believe that more families should have the same privilege I’ve had in receiving a scholarship. It is truly a blessing to be able to send your child to a good school even though you can’t afford it. Many children are not as fortunate and have to attend schools where their full potential cannot be exposed. I am truly grateful for this opportunity.

School choice is important because of geographical locations. Sometimes it is more convenient to be able to live in close proximity to your child’s school. Being able to choose a school is important because you want to choose a school that fits into your goals or values for your child.

Don’t ever feel like it can’t happen for you and your child. Our children’s educations are important, and it’s amazing how much learning environments can impact your child’s future.


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