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Cristo Rey has been beneficial to me as a student and a student leader over my four years attending the school. The corporate work-study program along with the academic rigor has developed me into a better student and has allowed me to work with various companies while earning my high school diploma. I have been taught how to work in a professional environment, utilize communication skills, and work within a team setting. The corporate work-study program has helped me gain invaluable experience that I would not have gained if I had attended a different school in Milwaukee.

Cristo Rey has paved the way for me and others to succeed and the teachers are very supportive, especially throughout the pandemic. The teachers were incredibly helpful and responsive during that time when there was no in-class learning. I do not believe that I would have had such an incredible high school experience if I had not gone to Cristo Rey.

I believe that all families should have the opportunity to have a great high school experience and that tuition costs should not stop any family from being able to send their child to a school like Cristo Rey. I know that if it wasn’t for the choice program my family would not be able to afford to send me to such a great school. I am an example of what an opportunity can provide to families and their students. I am looking forward to graduation and selecting a college of my choice upon graduation.


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