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PROGRAM — Charter School

My daughter, Ashley, is a loving child who always enjoys learning more. She loves to learn with her hands. She is very smart and intelligent.

When choosing a school for Ashly, I did my research because we were new to the area. Once I had all the information collected, I felt KIPP Leadership Academy was the best school for Ashley. The teachers at KIPP Leadership keep me up to date on what Ashley is learning and how she is performing in class.

The atmosphere at KIPP is very loving, nurturing and pleasant and the students are surrounded with positive influences and reinforcement.  KIPP is altogether a really excellent school that my children and I love. It is perfect for them, and I wouldn’t choose a different school. KIPP LEADERSHIP PRIMARY goes above and beyond.

A parent should not have to choose a school because of their income. A parent provides for their children, but income shouldn’t reflect the education the child receives. Parents should research and find the school that fits the needs of their child so they can succeed in life.





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