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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

I have always loved working with kids. When I went to college, my initial plan was to become a child psychologist. Once I graduated and I was deciding on a master’s program, I became a substitute teacher and I loved it. Afterwards, I decided to get my certification. That was over 10 years ago.

Teaching is so much more than academics. We counsel and teach social skills that our students use for the rest of their lives. Being an educator is so rewarding and it allows me to give back to my community. I love seeing my students grow and accomplish their goals each year.

I love our school environment. I have taught at Family Worship Christian Academy for 13 years. The staff has a good rapport with students and one another. We all help and collaborate willingly. The administrators are supportive and helpful as well. Being here helped me grow into a better teacher. I worked at two other schools prior and the work environment is so much better and positive here.

“Students should not suffer because of their socioeconomic status.”

I think it is important for all families, regardless of income, be able to choose the school for their child because unfortunately every school is not equal. There is a large education gap between affluent families and low income families. Often times this is attributed to the opportunities available to those students. Students should not suffer because of their socioeconomic status. Education and health care should be equal and fair for all children.


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